Should You Considered “Overqualified” Talent?

Prevailing wisdom says that you should avoid hiring overqualified talent. The thinking goes that candidates who accept a position beneath their qualifications will grow bored, will sacrifice performance, and will ultimately leave sooner. And while there is a certain logic to this attitude, these candidates might not be as hazardous as they’ve been portrayed. Here are a few reasons that you should consider hiring overqualified talent the next time you have a vacancy:

  • Easy to Train – Overqualified talent already have the basic skills necessary to thrive at your company. That means they can be more productive faster, and with less input required from you.
  • More Enthusiastic – Some candidates apply for lesser positions because they are genuinely excited to work for a specific company. That enthusiasm can be a huge asset.
  • Easy to Manage – Job seekers with a wealth of experience tend to be more self sufficient, ask fewer questions, and accomplish goals without needing constant feedback from a manager.
  • Full of Expertise – A candidate who has more skills than are required for a position is simply offering your organization extra expertise. Find a way to take advantage of these bonus credentials.
  • Possible Leaders – You might encounter a candidate who is overqualified for a vacant position, but perfectly qualified for the position above it. Bringing them into your fold now creates a talent pipeline that leads directly to the ranks of management.
  • Short-Term Value – Turnover is always frustrating, but even if overqualified talent leaves within a year of being hired, they will likely make a meaningful impact over the limited time they do work for you.
  • Talent for Less – Hiring overqualified talent is a great way to get more than you pay for. They brings skills and experiences into your organization that exceed the amount they expect to be compensated.
  • Fast-Paced Workers – If you need to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, overqualified talent might be able to work at a faster pace and avoid more of the issues that lead to setbacks.
  • Business Experts – Overqualified talent has typically worked for a number of companies on a wide variety of projects. You can use that experience to improve the way you run your business and pursue more strategic objectives.
  • Change is a Positive – Candidates with a sterling work history are better prepared to take on new responsibilities, pick up new skills, and adapt to changing circumstances in your company and in the market.

When managed properly, overqualified talent can evolve into your top performers. Start connecting with these kinds of candidates by contacting Morris Bixby.


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