6 Tips for Successful Employer Branding in the Agriculture Sector

According to some expectations, more than 60% of businesses in the agriculture sector expect to lose 10% or more of their employees in the next two years due to retirement. Furthermore, there is a large gap between the number of people leaving the industry and the number of recent grads hoping to enter the industry. To attract talent in these circumstances – or any type of market – it is necessary to focus on employer branding.

Your employer brand is the perception that people have about working at your company, so it is always a good idea to be proactive and help steer the narrative so that perceptions are an accurate reflection of reality. Here are six tips for successful branding you can use in the agriculture sector.

Learn What People Are Saying

Your reputation as an employer matters, so the first step is to learn what people are saying. 83% of job seekers are influenced by reviews and 75% of people are unwilling to work for a company with a bad reputation. Visit Glassdoor and Indeed to see what people are saying about working for you.

Act on Reviews

If you find that your online ratings are low or that no one has bothered to rate you, ask your happiest and most satisfied employees to leave reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed. If you do have bad reviews, study them in depth to see if there are patterns that could indicate your company has real cultural issues to address.

Focus on Building a Great Culture

Company culture plays a role in employee retention, organizational success and recruiting. Based on any negative feedback you find online, fix areas that need improvement and nurture a positive culture every day.

Incorporate Culture Into Your Marketing

When making career decisions, applicants and candidates will visit your website and your social media profiles to get a feel for your culture. Add a section on company culture into your website, showcasing what it’s like to work for you. On social media, promote that page, feature fun things that go on at work, incorporate video testimonials from happy employees, and post your open jobs.

Focus on Employee Referrals

Referrals are typically the most successful employees you can hire. Employees will only recommend people they feel are a good fit for a role because their reputation and their relationships are on the line. Incentivize referrals by providing a bonus when a candidate is hired and a second bonus when the new employee hits a milestone.

Partner With An Expert Ag Sector Recruiter

The way your company is perceived by candidates directly impacts your ability to attract A-players. Morris Bixby can help you remain competitive when recruiting top industry talent. If you are looking to improve the recruiting and hiring experience at your ag business, contact the agricultural industry staffing experts at Morris Bixby Group.


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