How To Find Candidates Who Aren’t Looking For a Job

Whether candidates are plentiful or hard to come by, it can always be challenging to attract, recruit and hire exceptional talent. If you rely on traditional, reactionary methods of sourcing talent, you’ll always find yourself behind the proverbial eight ball. The fact is the best candidates are already employed and aren’t actively looking for a job. To fill critical positions, it is necessary to become proactive and deploy a passive job seeker recruiting strategy.  

Learn Passive Job Seeker Motivations  

No one likes change and convincing someone to switch jobs when they aren’t in need of a new job can be a real challenge. It helps to understand the factors that could motivate a person to invest the time in interviewing with you and considering a move.  

The most common motivators for passive talent are higher pay, career development, career advancement, work-life balance, and opportunities to work on exciting projects. Since you don’t know what specifically motivates a particular candidate, try to touch on all of these points in your initial conversations. 

Boost Your Employer Brand  

Passive candidates will always research your company online before entertaining your proposal. Because they are not in need of a quick move, they have the time to dive deep into your organization to learn its history, profitability, reputation and more.  

Do you know what passive candidates will find when they begin their research? It takes a strong social media presence, an updated website that highlights company culture, good online reviews and a strong PR strategy to keep their interest. Promote exciting projects, showcase employee achievements and paint a clear picture that your organization is a great place to work.  

Create A Referral Program  

Employee referrals boast the highest closing ratio of applications to hires of any other recruiting method and referred employees report higher job satisfaction and have a higher retention rate than traditionally sourced candidates.  

If you don’t have an employee referral program in place, now is the time to create one. Your happy and engaged employees can be the best source of potential talent for your organization.  

Partner With An Expert Recruiting Firm  

Because passive recruiting is a marathon, not a sprint, you can’t rely on that strategy to fill immediate openings. 

Fortunately, there is a way to tap into a robust passive candidate network immediately. When you partner with an expert recruiter, they come to the table with a pipeline of passive candidates ready to explore great new opportunities. Forming a partnership allows you to tap into that well-established network and effectively locate your ideal candidate.  

Are You Ready To Attract Passive Candidates To Your Agriculture Business?  

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