Everything You Need to Know About Contingency Staffing for Agriculture

Contingent workers are an often underutilized workforce that offers incredible flexibility to small agriculture businesses. Does it fit with yours? This is your guide to everything you need to know about contingency staffing for agriculture.

What are Contingent Workers?

Contingent workers can be freelancers, contractors, independent consultants, etc. They are not direct employees of your company but rather are hired on a project basis. For example, let’s say your company plans on writing and releasing an eBook. You may hire a copywriter as a contingent worker to write the eBook. Once the book is completed, the copywriter is no longer on your payroll unless you decide to hire them for another project.

Capitalize on an Untapped Market

Hiring contingent workers allow your agriculture company to have industry experts work for your company that otherwise would not. For instance, a renowned independent crop consultant will not want to join your company full time, but you can hire them as a contingent worker.

Do Not Pay for What You Do Not Need

For certain tasks, you may not need a full-time employee. So, they will spend only a portion of the time completing the jobs they were hired for and the remainder of their time engaging in busy work. This is not an efficient use of your budget. Contingent staffing is just what you need to fill the gaps. Only hire when you need additional personnel, whether it be seasonal or project-based. Not to mention, your company will pay fewer taxes on contingent workers. It is a financially sound decision.

Little Training Needed

Contingent workers are often highly specialized and competent in their field. After all, they do not have the security of a steady company salary and benefits. So, they rely on maintaining a good reputation with clients. Meaning you can rest assured that there will be little to no training involved once hired.

Take Advantage of Contingency Staffing

Agriculture companies across the nation can benefit from contingency staffing. This hiring strategy allows you to get the help you need when you need it while being frugal with your budget.

Morris Bixby is here to help you find the contingent workers you need to get the job done no matter what agriculture sector you’re in. All candidates are thoroughly vetted so that you know you are receiving only the top talent. Find out what is advantageous about contingency staffing today!


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