How Much Does a Bad Hire Cost You?

Adding qualified members to your agriculture team is important. From the front desk staff to the executive offices, every employee represents your company. This is why bringing aboard a bad hire can be costly. The majority of the time, you lose more than just money.

Discover some of the costs of adding a bad agricultural hire to your team.


Bringing aboard the wrong worker costs you a substantial amount of time. Managing your team while fulfilling your other responsibilities is challenging enough. Having to spend additional time with a poorly performing employee can take up to 70% more time than overseeing a top member of your workforce. You end up spending even more time finding a replacement once the employee leaves.

Customer Service

Placing a bad agricultural hire in a customer service position results in a bad customer experience. An employee who lacks the interpersonal skills needed for the role likely will not handle customer questions and concerns well or fill customer needs. As a result, your customers probably will decide to do business with your competition instead of you.

Business Growth

Recruiting a bad agricultural hire impacts your company’s growth. Because the employee likely is not interested in changing along with your business, they will not be able to take on additional responsibilities as needed. This leads to instability as your business expands. You will have to hire more staff to fill your business needs, increasing your expenses as you go.


Bringing on an unproductive agricultural hire often means losing them in a short amount of time. Because the employee is not invested in their work, they probably see little value in carrying out their tasks to the best of their ability. Having to hire and train a replacement can cost more than 25% of the income for the job you need to fill.

Team Building  

Adding an unsuccessful agricultural hire to your team brings down your other employees. Because everyone thrives when working together toward a common goal, all members need to be contributing in order to be successful. You cannot strengthen your team or company culture when an employee does not give their all throughout each day. This disrupts the problem-solving process and hinders productivity. Having to quickly replace a bad hire can lead to feelings of disconnect and lack of cohesion. As a result, employee engagement and productivity levels go down.

Do You Need Help Finding the Right Staff?

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