Best Practices to Find Passive Agriculture Executives

The best agriculture executives already are employed. Because they are happy in their roles, most are not actively looking for new opportunities. However, because these passive candidates typically are able to make a substantial impact on your business, it can be worth pursuing them. Since most passive agriculture candidates are open to hearing about new opportunities, you should be able to engage them in conversations that may lead to job offers.

Implement these best practices to source passive agriculture executives.

Use Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter may be effective sources for finding passive agriculture executives. For instance, you can look for profiles that use industry-related keywords and hashtags, then refine your search based on location and other criteria. You also can send an outreach message to candidates to see whether they are interested in learning more about an opportunity.

Implement Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools can search the internet to collect and analyze candidate data from resumes, social media, and other sources. The technology can use this information to predict which passive candidates may be open to changing jobs and be successful in a new role. This makes it easier for hiring managers to reach out, form relationships, and potentially hire new executives.

Create a Referral Program

Current agriculture employees often are an effective source for finding new talent. Because they understand the company culture and can learn the job requirements, they can talk about an opportunity with members of their network. Any of these high-quality candidates may be interested in pursuing new employment. Because they are referred by a team member, they are likely to talk with a hiring manager for more in-depth information about the role. If hired, the referral is likely to remain with your business long-term because they have a connection with someone who works for you.

Emphasize Company Culture  

Passive agriculture executives are interested in what makes your business a unique and rewarding place to work. This typically is more important than what the job functions and requirements are. Be sure to point out what your company mission, vision, and values are. Also, share examples of how your employees live them. Staff who blend with the culture are more likely to thrive.

Focus on Career Growth

Point out how passive agriculture executives can expand their careers with your company. They need to see clear opportunities to grow professionally. Share how the candidates can be rewarded for their contributions and results.

Need Assistance Finding Agriculture Executives?

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