Tips to Attract the Best and Brightest from Gen Z

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Those from Gen Z were born between 1997 and 2012. They grew up with smartphones, social media, and technology.

Members of Gen Z watched their parents make their way through the 2008 market crash. Many members also lost their service sector jobs or struggled to find employment during the coronavirus-related lockdowns.

Most people from this generation are finishing high school and attending college. However, the members tend to lack work experience as teenagers and young adults.

Understanding Gen Z’s background helps explain their common behaviors and preferences. This can help you attract the best and brightest candidates to your organization.

Implement these tips to attract the best and brightest Gen Z candidates to your company.

Emphasize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation. As a result, they are attracted to companies that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Emphasize on your website, in your job postings, and during interviews your prioritization of DEI in your work environment. This may involve your diversity statement, employee resource groups (ERGs), or photos, videos, testimonials, and employer reviews from diverse employees.

Gen Z wants to see themselves represented when deciding which companies they want to work for. This indicates whether the candidates would have the desired experiences and community within the organization. It also helps attract the brightest candidates from Gen Z.

Optimize Your Website and Job Postings

Gen Z wants online job search results that are relevant to the type of work they seek. They do not want to fill out repetitive forms and profiles on third-party job sites. This is why optimizing your website’s careers page and your job postings is essential.

Include the job title, duties and responsibilities, location, salary, and company culture in your job postings. This is the type of information Gen Z cares about.

Sharing relevant information on your website and job postings helps your postings rank higher in search engine results pages. This encourages job seekers to click on the links to your job postings or careers page and submit applications. It also helps attract the best Gen Z candidates.

Use Text Recruiting

Because Gen Z grew up with technology, they are dependent on their mobile devices. This is why they prefer texting over other types of communication.

You can use text recruiting to have low-pressure interactions with Gen Z candidates. Since a text message is less formal than a phone call or email, the candidates should respond relatively quickly.

Communicating with Gen Z in a way they are comfortable with increases your access to these candidates. You can use text recruiting software to automate the messages you send and receive. This promotes efficiency and scale in hiring.

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