What to Write In a Job Description to Attract the Right Candidates

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Writing an effective job description helps attract the right candidates. It sets the proper expectations so that qualified candidates apply. This saves time going through resumes and contacting applicants for interviews.

Developing a concise job description helps candidates save time while searching for jobs. They can compare salaries, benefits, perks, and company culture to determine which roles to apply to.

Sharing an accurate job description helps with interview preparation. The interview team knows the types of questions to ask to assess candidate qualifications. Candidates gain an understanding of the conversation topics they should prepare to discuss. This helps find the most qualified candidate for the position.

Learn what to write in a job description to attract the right candidates.

Job Title

Create a clear, concise, industry-specific job title. This helps your job postings show up on job boards.

Since candidates often search using common terms, they can find and apply to your openings.

Company Description

Write 2-4 sentences about your company and its culture. Most candidates want to know what working for an organization is like when deciding where to apply.

Role Summary

Include 3-5 sentences about what the candidate would do in the position. Include whom they would work with and the general qualities you are looking for.

Job Responsibilities

Clarify the job duties and responsibilities. This helps candidates understand the position and expectations. These details can be used later for performance reviews.

  • Include 5-10 bullet points on what to expect in the role.
  • Thoroughly explain these expectations.
  • Use complete sentences.

Required Skills

Provide 5-7 bullet points of the necessary skills to be successful in the position.

  • Include quantities such as years of experience.
  • Clarify whether a cover letter, resume, or portfolio is needed.
  • Specify the needed education, experience, certification, or knowledge of specific platforms.


Share the income range and benefits for the job. This helps candidates determine whether the compensation fits their needs and lifestyle. If not, they can apply to other positions.

Work Hours

Mention the hours the candidate would be expected to work. Include whether there is flexibility with the schedule.


Provide your company’s address and relevant details about the area, such as proximity to restaurants and coffee shops. The commute time, the potential need for relocation, and the distance to lunch spots impact where candidates apply for jobs.

Working Conditions

Highlight what candidates should expect if they work for your organization. Include the dress code and any physical requirements for the role.

Call to Action

Encourage candidates to apply for the job today. Direct them to your fast, easy, online application process. Or, provide the email address for candidates to send their resumes.

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