How Project Management Employees Can Solve Your Hiring Problems

Employees are the backbone of any sales or marketing team. Success depends on your ability to fill positions with the right people and keep your team fully staffed so you can achieve your goals. However, many agriculture companies struggle to fill open full-time positions with skilled employees who add value and fit in with company culture. Project management employees who work on a contract basis can help you solve some of your most common hiring problems.

Hiring Risk

Hiring a permanent full-time employee is always a risk. Recruiting is expensive, and those expenses can more than double if a new hire doesn’t work out. Project management employees allow you to mitigate that risk by placing skilled people in specialized positions for a short period of time. At the end of the contract, there is no obligation to continue with the employee if they were not quite the right fit for your team.

Hiring Freezes

The ag business is subject to external market forces you can’t always predict. Many times, leaders impose a hiring freeze on the entire organization, which leaves sales and marketing teams hamstrung. This can be overwhelming, because those same leaders look to sales and marketing to generate new business to get the company through its rough patch. Project management consultants can be hired despite a full-time hiring freeze. This allows you to access talented professional with critical skills you need quickly, and at exactly the right time.

Access to Specialized Skills

Sometimes, projects and initiatives require unique skills that may be lacking on your existing team. Finding someone full time who has the specialized skills you need can be difficult; however today, many talented people are making careers out of lending their expertise to companies on a contract basis. Project managers choose this route because it allows them to focus on their best skills and it gives employers access to top talent based on specific project needs, rather than hiring someone full time who may not be needed after the project or initiative wraps.

Leaves of Absence

Sometimes, talented employees need to take extended leave. They may be caring for a sick loved one, they may be sick themselves, they could be taking maternity or parental leave, etc. It’s not always realistic to ask your current team to cover their workload while they are out, as extra work can diminish overall productivity, damage customer relationships or cause burnout. Project management employees can be hired to cover those leaves so productivity remains constant, allowing your permanent employee to slide right back into the groove when they return.

Ready to Overcome Your Hiring Problems?

If you are looking for talented sales and marketing project managers to help you overcome your challenges, contact the expert recruiters at Magnify Resources today. We can connect you with the talent that will help your ag business stay productive, no matter the obstacles.


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