How to Make Your Partnership With a Recruiter Successful

As a hiring manager, partnering with a recruiter can take a lot of stress off your back. A great recruiter can help you hire faster, hire more accurately and can ultimately help you control recruiting costs. But any partnership requires give and take from both sides, and if you want to build a successful recruiting partnership, it pays to know what you can do to facilitate the relationship.

Do Your Homework

Oftentimes, recruiting partnerships fail because people choose the wrong firm to work with. Make sure to research the recruiting firm and the team that would be assigned to your business. Get an understanding of their expertise in your niche and their track record of success. Remember, it is always acceptable to ask for references from similar organizations and any recruiting firm worth its salt will provide references on demand.

Check Your Expectations

Great recruiters are effective – but they are not miracle workers. They can shorten your time to hire, but most cannot pull your ideal client out of thin air in a matter of hours. This is especially true if you are rigid in your requirements, are looking for a rare or highly specialized skill set, work for a company that may not pay in the top tier or if your organization lacks name recognition. Have a talk about setting realistic expectations and listen to any feedback provided that may require you to adjust those expectations.

There Is No Such Thing as TMI

As you build a strong relationship over time, your recruiter will be able to find people without too much input from you, but in the early stages, it pays to provide as much information as possible. Talk extensively about your needs for every role, discuss corporate culture and the personality traits you are looking for. Make sure the recruiter knows which skills and what type of experience is non-negotiable and which are more flexible. The more detail you provide, the better your first few engagements will run.

Embrace the Power of Feedback

Provide detailed feedback – both positive and negative – on every candidate the recruiter recommends. This helps them solidify their understanding of what you are looking for and improve their service delivery process over time.

Are You Ready for a Strong Recruiting Partnership?

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