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Why Now is the Best Time to Survey Employees 

Anonymous employee surveys are an efficient way to get your finger on the pulse of company morale and employee feelings about their jobs. This type of feedback is essential for identifying strengths and weaknesses in management and building a strong company culture. Surveys can be conducted at any time, but they should be conducted in… Read more »

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Look for Candidates

Now is a great time to look for candidates and start building your talent pool. This is true whether your company is currently hiring for open roles or not. No matter what your company’s market position is today, building a talent pool will help you streamline hiring to remain competitive tomorrow.   What Is a Talent Pool?   A talent pool… Read more »

Turn a Crisis into an Opportunity 

The pandemic of 2020 created an economic crisis that virtually no company was prepared for. And while this was a type of crisis that no one has ever lived through and (hopefully) never will again, there are myriad lessons to be learned. As we look towards the path to recovery, it’s time to start thinking about… Read more »

There Are Candidates Out There. Learn How to Find the Right Ones

Almost quite literally overnight, hiring managers went from trying to navigate the lowest unemployment rates in decades to being faced with some of the highest unemployment rates we’ve seen since The Great Depression. And while it may seem like high unemployment might make it easier to find candidates, the opposite is often true. Recruiting in a time… Read more »

Why is Team Building Important for the Agriculture Sector?

Teamwork is extremely important in the agriculture sector, especially in sales and marketing. These critical employees have a direct impact on revenue, so it is important that teams work well together, get along, respect one another and resolve conflict constructively. Great teams don’t come together by magic, it takes work, which is why team building… Read more »

Too Good to be True? 5 Signs an Agricultural Job Candidate Might be Lying on Their Resume

A single bad hire can cost your company thousands of dollars. If a candidate lies on their resume, it can mean hiring someone who lacks the skills and experience to perform basic duties. While we always want to believe the best of people, many candidates do exaggerate or fabricate information. Here are 5 signs that… Read more »

2020 Hiring Trends: 5 Ways Retention-Focused Hiring Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Your ag company’s bottom line has always been important but cost-control has arguably never been more important than it is today. As you think about ways to control costs while positioning your business to succeed, don’t forget to focus on employee retention. Retaining great people has a significant impact on your bottom line and can help your business… Read more »

10 Tips for Writing an Agriculture Job Description that Attracts Top Talent

Reviewing dozens if not hundreds resumes and cover letters for a single job can be tedious and sorting through scads of applications from unqualified applicants is a waste of your time. You can help improve the quality of applicants while saving time and resources by writing job descriptions that attract the right kind of people. Here are ten… Read more »

2020 Hiring Trends: The Role Technology Plays in Agricultural Recruiting

Recruiting is always evolving, and technology has been the biggest facilitator of change in the recruiting world across the last decade or so. Thanks to advancements in tech, the speed and accuracy of hiring and recruiting are improving every year.   AI Every Day   A few years ago, artificial intelligence was something of a novelty. HR and recruiting technologies were incorporating… Read more »

4 Reasons No One Is Applying To Your Agriculture Job

It can be extremely frustrating to post an agriculture job opening and not have any takers, especially when you need someone in a role as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing to do is look internally to find potential issues that could be costing you candidates. Here are four of the… Read more »