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How Much Does a Poor Hire Cost?

Every hiring manager knows that a bad hire is expensive, costing anywhere from 25% to 250% of one year’s salary for the role. But it’s not just recruiting costs that figure into the total impact on your bottom line. A bad hire can have a major ripple effect across the organization, significantly raising the total… Read more »

How Will Low Unemployment Impact Your Business?

The economy has been booming for some time and unemployment has been at historically low levels. That’s great news for individuals, but it does have a noticeable impact on business. Here’s what you need to know about low unemployment and what you should do to ensure you can continue to build a productive and profitable… Read more »

Challenging Interview Questions for Marketing Candidates

Hiring a talented marketer isn’t as straightforward as say, finding a great engineer. Marketing, by nature, is amorphous and lacks clear definition. So many skills, responsibilities and concepts can be tied into marketing that it makes it difficult to evaluate the right person for the job. The questions you ask during the interview process can… Read more »

How to Make Your Partnership With a Recruiter Successful

As a hiring manager, partnering with a recruiter can take a lot of stress off your back. A great recruiter can help you hire faster, hire more accurately and can ultimately help you control recruiting costs. But any partnership requires give and take from both sides, and if you want to build a successful recruiting… Read more »

Relocating for Your Job? Here’s How to Make the Transition Smoother

Relocating for a job can be an exciting time, but no matter how ready you are to tackle a new career challenge, moving is stressful. It is difficult to be focused on a new job when you’re dealing with the stress of uprooting your life and starting over in a strange city or town. If… Read more »

Make Your Team Meetings More Productive

Meetings are necessary to keep teams and projects on track, but no one likes attending them. The fact is, most meetings drag on too long and fail to achieve any sort of goal. They are a drain on time, and most people would rather sit at their desks and get actual work done than sit… Read more »

What Is Your Onboarding Process Like?

A new employee’s first few days and weeks on the job will determine just how long they stay with the company. A poor onboarding experience almost always leads to turnover within the first year. If you want to set up your employees for success, you must do so from day one. A comprehensive and organized… Read more »

How to Mitigate Workplace Conflict

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on your team got along with everyone else all the time? Unfortunately, conflict is inevitable in any workplace. And though it is inevitable, it should not be ignored. Most times, co-workers can work things out themselves, but if a conflict is left unresolved, it can negatively impact morale and… Read more »

What to Do When a Top Employee Leaves

When a great employee gives you their two weeks’ notice, panic can immediately set in. Not only are you losing a great person, but you now must find a great replacement. In order to manage workload, find a qualified candidate and fill the role as fast as possible, you must tackle the challenge immediately. Don’t… Read more »

How To Reduce Turnover

Solving the problem of high turnover is never easy. It can be difficult to learn exactly why employees are quitting, because most people avoid awkward conversations. However, the only way to stop turnover is to uncover and address its root causes. If you are suffering from high turnover on your team, use these strategies to… Read more »