Is Your Onboarding Process Failing New Employees?

Hiring and onboarding new employees is not only an exhaustive process, but a costly one. Does this sound familiar?

  • Detail the vacancy
  • Carefully write the job posting
  • Sort through the applications
  • Screen out inappropriate applicants
  • Schedule and hold interviews
  • Review interview notes and select successful candidate
  • Onboard your new hire only to lose them within the first few months

If that sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone.

Did you know that roughly 20 percent of all new hires quit their new positions, or are irreparably disenchanted after six weeks, according to a recent Inc. article?

And while even the most diligent hiring manager can make an error in their choice of candidate once in a while, more often than not, new hires fail because of inconsistencies and weak spots in the onboarding process.

That’s right. How you onboard new hires is of such great importance, it can mean the difference between employee retention or employee loss.

Is your onboarding process working for your new hires? Here are three things you can do to make sure it is.

Make an Onboarding Checklist

Creating a new employee checklist is an excellent way to make sure you cover all the key points. Your list should start with your new hire’s acceptance and end with their first day on the job. Start with essential items like workstation, passwords & network access, phone, and email account. A new-hire checklist is something that you can use, refine and adapt for future hires as well, ensuring a smooth first day, without any major mishaps.

Buddy Up

Assign your new hire a workplace buddy or mentor to walk them through their first days on the job. A buddy is a fantastic resource for any new employee, especially when hiring managers are busy, or the question doesn’t require a manager’s level of explanation. A buddy also helps new and existing employees interact and forge workplace friendships, a winning scenario for all.

First Day Perks

Being the new kid in town can make even seasoned worker anxious. Help eliminate first-day jitters by giving your new hire a few perks that benefit everyone in the new hire’s team.

  • Give your new hire a later start time. This allows current staff the chance to get their day under control before being asked to reach out to a new employee.
  • Treat your new team member to lunch with one or two colleagues. It’s an effortless way for new hires to bond with co-workers, and current employees benefit from an appreciative lunch.

Each new employee you hire costs double their actual salary for the first year, according to one study; make sure your money is well spent.

Is your onboarding process the best it can be? Do you need help onboarding new staff? Contact the onboarding experts at Morris Bixby today for information on how to turn your new hires into long-term employees.


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