What If a Candidate Lacks Enthusiasm?

You have a vacancy. You outline the tasks of the position and post the job. You review applications and hire someone who has all the necessary skills, on paper. They can do the job. So why aren’t they a good fit? They lack enthusiasm.

Hiring great employees means more than just hiring someone who is capable of performing the tasks of a job. It means hiring someone who is excited about the job and interested in your organization.

Energy & Enthusiasm

If a candidate is not enthusiastic or energetic about the prospect of working for your company, it will show in the quality of their work. Having enthusiasm for a position tells you this candidate has the drive and the desire to contribute. By hiring a passive candidate, you run the risk of bringing in someone who will complain often, or maintain a poor attitude, for even the smallest of tasks. Watch a candidate’ energy as soon as they walk through the door, and look for someone who demonstrates their commitment from the very start.


Why a candidate applies for the job is just as important as the skills and abilities they possess. A candidate who is only interested in a paycheck will likely leave at the first opportunity to earn more. And that means high turnover. But the good news is motivation is something easy to assess during the interview.

One of the best ways to learn why someone wants to work with your organization is to ask them. Listen to how they respond to the question.

  • Are they a new graduate looking to pursue their field of study? New grads can have great enthusiasm.
  • Are they moving up in their career path? Candidates who logically follow a natural career path may not only be enthusiastic, they could bring new insight to the organization.
  • Are they stepping into a new industry or role after a period of learning or training? When someone decides to leave one career for another, it shows they have carefully considered working for your company. That type of professional enthusiasm is invaluable.

When a candidate has reasons beyond financial ones, they are more focused on growing the company and their role within it.

An applicant who demonstrates a genuine desire to come to work is someone you want to put on your short list. The candidate who merely goes through the motions of the interview – gives short answers and shows little to no excitement – is not a person who will enhance your workforce.

Recruiting top performers can seem overwhelming at times. If you’re having trouble finding the candidates you need, despite your best attempts, it might be a time to get a helping hand. By partnering with a specialized staffing agency, you not only get the benefits of their expertise, but also top of the-line-technology and industry resources, and a far-reaching network in your industry.

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