Don’t Just Hire Someone Who Interviews Well

When you are trying to find the best candidate for a new or open position, you need to make sure you’re taking extra steps to screen out candidates. Even though somebody may interview well over the phone or in person, they may not have the full skill set or qualifications needed to perform at the job. Many candidates will have very good interviewing skills and may have been practicing for several weeks. You need to dive a little deeper to make sure you’re not making a hiring mistake.

Here are some key traits to look for beyond the interview:

Track Record of Performance

You need someone who can provide proof of a solid track record so that you don’t have to train them from the ground up. Even though some candidates may be able to talk about various experiences they have had during their career, you want to get specific and ask about numbers or performance reports that indicate they have a successful track record.

Problem-Solving Abilities

You can incorporate some type of exercise or test into your interview to test the candidate’s problem-solving abilities. This is especially important if you are hiring for any type of technical job where certain skills are of high importance. This isn’t something you can easily determine with a face-to-face or phone interview so you may need to be creative with your test assignment and make sure you can gauge the candidate’s skill level accurately.


Almost every industry is in a state of constant change and growth. Even if a candidate has been working in the industry for several years and is a top performer, they need to have the trait of flexibility in order to handle change and industry disruptions effectively. You need to discern whether the candidate is flexible and open in their ways and how easily they would be able to adapt to the company culture.

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