Attracting Candidates in a Tight Market

Attracting great candidates in today’s market is difficult. It’s easy to assume the problem is a lack of talent, but several factors contribute to recruiting challenges – not the least of which is a sustained period of low unemployment. Talented people have jobs, so they aren’t necessarily looking at job boards every day for new opportunities. If you are trying to attract top sales and marketing candidates to your agriculture business, it’s time to enact some new strategies.

Enact an Employee Referral Program

Referrals are some of the best candidates who will ever walk through your door. Talented employees know other talented people, and they will only recommend those who are well-aligned with your organization. They will take the time to choose a referral wisely because their reputation is on the line when they make a connection.

Offer monetary bonuses to employees if their referred candidate is hired, and a second bonus after the employee hits the six-month mark. You want to provide an incentive for employees to make referrals, and the money you’ll save in traditional recruiting costs will far outweigh the cost of the referral bonus.

Be Where the Talent Is

Are you posting your jobs on relevant job boards, or are you choosing the most cost-effective ones? Are you actively pursuing passive talent on social media? Are you networking in person at industry events and conferences?

In a tight candidate market, you cannot expect talented people to pursue your organization. You need to get active and showcase your company’s employment brand.

Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Candidates do not want to jump through hoops to apply for jobs, they don’t want to have their time wasted during interviews, and they do not want to go weeks without hearing from you. To attract the best and brightest, develop a streamlined hiring process.

First, simplify your application process – run through it yourself. How long does it take? Can you save it and come back later to finish? Are you asking for personal data like social security numbers? Make the initial application process as smooth and simple as possible.

When you begin the selection process, set clear expectations, and talk about your timeline. Do your best to stick to that timeline and stay in communication with your top candidates to keep them informed of any delays. Finally, show up on time to interviews and don’t make them last longer than expected. Talented people must take time off work to interview with you, and if you waste their time, they will move on to another company.

Partner With A Recruiter

To instantly attract top talent, partner with recruiters who are experts in the ag industry. If you are ready to overcome this tight candidate market, the recruiters at Morris Bixby are ready to help. Our proven processes will instantly shorten your time to hire while improving the quality of your hires. Contact us today to get started.


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