How to Create a Strong Company Culture that Attracts Top Talent

Recruiting top talent is no longer just about the size of the paycheck you offer. The best candidates tend to value a strong company culture first and foremost. Positive company culture is a crucial part of your business, affecting everything from employee satisfaction and productivity to attracting the best candidates in the agriculture industry.

These invaluable tips will help you create a company culture that everyone wants to join

Define Company Values

Thoroughly develop your company’s values. Include a mission statement that tells employees and clients who your company is, what it stands for, and the values it embodies. Defining company values and having them visible for all to see makes it easy for potential candidates to determine whether your company is a good fit for them.

Listen to Your Team

People like to be heard. Create an environment where employees feel comfortable coming to you with issues. Additionally, take the time to really listen to your employees. What processes are working well, and what are the areas that need change? Do your best to remedy any issues brought to light by your employees. Understandably, you may not be able to fix every problem, but you can at the very least acknowledge each one and provide an explanation as to what you can and can’t do and why.

Set an Example

Strong company culture starts from the top. Practice what you preach and set a good example for your employees. Do your part to uphold company values openly, and you will find that your team will be inspired to do the same.

Collaboration is Powerful

There is power in numbers. Encourage collaboration between employees. It increases morale and fosters a sense of community. As a bonus, collaboration tends to produce better ideas and solutions than if employees were to go-at-it alone.

Set Goals

Strong company culture cannot exist without goals. Setting both short-term and long-term goals for your team provides a sense of purpose, keeps everyone on the same page, and keeps the company moving forward.

Focus on Employee Wellness

A physically, emotionally and mentally healthy employee is a happy and productive one! Also, ensure your team has the resources and tools they need to nurture wellness. Consider implementing the following in the workplace to improve employee wellness:

  • Paid time during the workweek to engage in physical fitness (e.g., an on-site gym or time allotted to visit a nearby fitness facility)
  • On-site healthcare (e.g., blood pressure machine, scales, or a first-aid station)
  • In-house counselor or therapist who employees can schedule time with to discuss professional or personal issues they are facing
  • If possible, offer flex schedules or remote working opportunities that allow employees to work around family obligations.

Strengthen Your Company Culture with the Perfect Candidate

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