Do You Have an Accessible Talent Pool? Here’s How to Create One.

Having a database of candidates interested in working for your company provides a variety of benefits. You always have qualified workers, including passive candidates, to contact. You also may have access to previous applicants with the expertise required to fill a current opening. Plus, knowing which candidates to contact for a position lets you decrease your time to hire and cost per hire. This is especially important if a team member leaves unexpectedly and you need a fast replacement.

Follow these guidelines to build a talent pool for your team.

Add Candidates to Your Applicant Tracking System

Whenever you come across candidates who apply for a role or would be a great addition to your team, put their information in your applicant tracking system (ATS). This helps you manage their information and maintain regular contact. Providing updates on industry news, tech developments at your company or events you are hosting keeps your organization top of mind. This can encourage candidates to want to join your company when the right role opens up.

Have a Dedicated Landing Page

Your website should include a talent community landing page. This lets candidates who want to work for you be notified when an appropriate position opens up. They can stay updated on company news and developments while looking for opportunities to contribute to your organization.

Reengage Previous Applicants

Candidates who had a great experience applying for a role in the past may want to talk with you when another position opens up. You can contact previous applicants to talk about what you are looking for, how the role can benefit them, and whether they may be interested in an interview. If a candidate decides to meet with you, keep them informed about the process, what to expect from the job and company, and the next steps. Also, quickly answer their questions, and stay within the timeframe for making decisions. Additionally, provide feedback about how the applicant performed during the interview and, if they did not get the job, share why.

Contact Former Employees

Previous staff members may be willing to work for your organization again. They could be looking for a new opportunity to increase their skillset and experience level. This can be especially important if a former employee enjoyed working for your company but left for other reasons. What you have to offer now may be exactly what they are looking for.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

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