Three Types of Company Differentiators That Actually Work

Three Types of Company Differentiators That Actually Work Morris Bixby

Your company differentiators help buyers understand why they should do business with you rather than a competitor. These characteristics set your offerings apart from alternative offerings.

Emphasizing how your company’s products or services help buyers reach their goals is essential for closing sales. For instance, your offerings might save a company time, money, or effort. Or, they could increase efficiency or revenue.

Understanding a buyer’s needs helps you point out how your products or services would provide value for their organization. Filling buyers’ needs is essential for revenue growth.

Finding your company’s differentiators involves understanding your competition’s products and services. This process may involve regularly gathering information on your competitors’ offerings and conducting SWOT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) for your organization. These activities help uncover areas of your business that need improvement to maintain your competitive edge.

Discover three types of company differentiators that work for the agricultural industry.

Holistic Differentiators

A holistic differentiator is a characteristic that you and your competitors have. This may include company size, reliability, or another trait.

Identifying a holistic differentiator helps your organization find opportunities for innovation and advancement. This lets your business provide buyers with additional value. The more you fill buyers’ needs, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Comparative Differentiators

A comparative differentiator is a company characteristic that is superior in a specific way to a similar characteristic of a competitor’s company. This trait creates clear value for buyers.

For instance, if you and a competitor both have fleets of trucks, your trucks might have technology that provides real-time interaction with the drivers. This lets you adjust routes to ensure on-time delivery or fast response to customer issues. Reliability and speed of response are part of the value provided.

Unique Differentiators

A unique differentiator is a value-based product or service your company offers that your competitors do not offer. The value this differentiator provides lets you charge a premium for your offering.

Pointing out how your unique differentiator provides benefits that your competitors do not encourages buyers to purchase from you. Clarifying whether this offering saves time or money, increases revenue, or offers another advantage helps close sales

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