5 Unique Tips to Improve Employee Happiness

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Employee happiness impacts engagement, productivity, and performance. Happiness at work also affects job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates.

Finding unique ways to improve employee happiness elevates your bottom line. As a result, making your employees happy should be among your priorities. These ideas can help.

Choose among these five unique tips to improve employee happiness.

1. Enjoy a Shared Meal

Get your employees together for a gourmet meal at a local restaurant. Or, hire a chef to prepare a special dinner for your team.

Your employees will enjoy indulging in conversation during their exceptional culinary experience. Having their stomachs full of delicious food helps increase employee happiness.

2. Create a Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Divide your employees into teams, then hand out the same jigsaw puzzle for each to complete. See which team correctly finishes the puzzle the fastest. Award a trophy or a similar prize to the winning team.

3. Organize a Group Cooking Class

Let your employees come together to learn to prepare a special meal. They might make pasta, pizza, or another delicious entree.

Your team can engage in conversation as they develop their culinary skills. Then, your employees can take their skills home to benefit their families and friends.

4. Schedule an Improv Workshop

Get your employees laughing through participation in an improv workshop. Your team can learn about the comedic form and play improv games to develop their skills.

Saying “yes, and…” provides lasting memories of hilarious interactions. Your employees can relive their happiness when they get back together at the office.

5. Bring a Food Truck to Work

Excite your team by bringing their favorite food truck to the office parking lot during lunch. Because food truck catering can cost less than traditional catering, your team can enjoy local or international dishes at a low cost.

You should be able to negotiate the menu to satisfy your employees’ preferences. Ensure there are vegetarian and gluten-free options to fulfill your team’s dietary needs.

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