The Benefits of Hiring Project Managers for Your Sales Team

Sales is a volatile profession in any field. Even the most skilled pros can be derailed by unforeseen changes in the market. When it comes to sales in the ag business, the volatility increases significantly. From market factors to technological changes to the forces of Mother Nature, agriculture companies must constantly strategize and innovate new ways to generate revenue.

One way to keep revenue goals on track is to incorporate project managers into a sales team. These sales professionals join for a set period to support the team as they move towards achieving their goals. Here are just a few benefits of hiring project managers for your sales team.

Sales Project Managers Bring New Perspectives

Sales slumps are often a product of a team that has become complacent. Complacency is a natural human tendency – we all tend to settle into a routine in our jobs and because it’s comfortable, we rarely deviate from that set of norms. In sales, however, it’s important to try new things and take new approaches.

A project manager can instantly breathe new life – and a new sense of competitiveness – into a sales team. Adding new blood can light a proverbial fire under reps who have been phoning it in for some time. Project managers can also bring new ideas and perspectives to the group, sharing their own methods for success.

Sales Project Managers Bring Specialized Experience

Sales project managers often have very specialized expertise in a specific market, product line, methodology or niche. Bringing in a project manager with specialized expertise can allow you to quickly close skill or knowledge gaps on your team. Project managers can help your business enter new markets or reach new customer bases, leveraging their expertise to establish a foothold.

Sales Project Managers Help Control Costs

The ultimate goal of a salesperson is to generate revenue, and when they hit or exceed their goals, they essentially pay for themselves. However, there is always a ramp-up period. Some organizations offer no base salary during onboarding, which can impact their ability to recruit high-caliber salespeople who don’t want their income to slip. Other organizations offer a high base salary to attract talent, which can be extremely expensive, especially if the salesperson ends up underperforming in the long run.

Hiring sales project managers controls costs and keeps productivity high. These types of pros have a proven track record of hitting the ground running, and because they are only on a team for a short time, there is limited hiring risk. During periods of high demand or during dry spells when you need more salespeople but lack the budget to hire them, sales project managers can help move the needle in the right direction.


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