Helping Your Burned-Out Employees After the Holidays

The holidays are hectic, and many employees struggle with work-life balance as they struggle to meet both family obligations and professional obligations.  Unlike most other types of vacations, employees often do not return from the holidays refreshed – they return just as stressed. Here are some tips to help your burned-out employees get motivated after the holidays.

Host a New Year’s Kickoff

January 2 is a “hangover” day. Perhaps not literally, but employees often feel depressed after the holidays. November and December are hectic, capped off by time spent with family and friends. Then, in a flash, it’s over. Getting back into the groove at work can be difficult, so the first workday after the holiday season, have a casual staff meeting. Bring in coffee and donuts and talk about your goals for the year and focus on the positives of getting back to work. Thank everyone for their efforts the previous year, and be enthusiastic about your expectations.

Hold One-on-Ones

As a follow-up to the kickoff, schedule employees for one-on-one meetings. Review key points from their year-end performance review and go back over their goals for the upcoming calendar year. Ask them what they need from you to achieve those goals, and commit to delivering.

Have a Contest

January can be depressing. Days are short, the weather is cold, and most people won’t have a day off until after the spring thaw. Get them refocused and energized by holding a friendly contest and make the reward something worth working for – like an extra day off.

Set a Good Example

If your employees see you loafing around or putting forth less than your best effort, they will follow suit. Make it a point to go the extra mile – roll up your sleeves and do a little more than necessary, and they will be inspired to take your lead.

Throw a Party

The post-holiday season is a great time to host a company happy hour, dinner or off-site luncheon to remind the team they are important and you celebrate their achievements. Let them know work and fun can go hand-in-hand.

Watch for Signs of Continued Burnout

“Re-entry” into real life can take a week or so after the holidays, but keep your eye on people who don’t seem to be getting back into the swing of things by mid-month. If your top performers seem to be slipping, it could be a sign of real burnout, and you’ll want to step in and help them address the issue before things get worse – or before they start looking for another job.

Looking for More Advice on Motivating Your Team?

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