How to Hire (And Keep) Employees That Will Grow With You

Whether your agriculture company is an established brand or a startup, you can’t afford bad hires. Employees whose overall vision and goals do not align with your business will not be happy, and therefore do not stick around for the long run. It is challenging to continue moving your company forward if you do not have a dedicated, innovative team that is continually looking toward the future.

These tips will help you find and keep the perfect employees that will grow with you.

Look for Talent with Base Skills

Hiring agricultural candidates who have general skills is beneficial for a couple of different reasons:

  • The cost is less because you are not hiring for one specialized skill
  • They are more versatile and willing to jump into different roles as needed
  • You are starting with a clean slate, meaning you won’t have to break any bad habits.

It is crucial to note that you will need to provide additional training as your company and employees grow. However, it is a worthwhile investment.

Hire for Diversity

Like-minded teams may get along better, but it does nothing to aid in a company’s growth. It is also the fastest way to ensure your brand remains stagnant. Those who have differing viewpoints, backgrounds, and skillsets bring fresh ideas to the table, encourage collaboration, and drive innovation.

Foster a Welcoming Culture

Many employees place company culture as a top priority. Create an environment in which your team is comfortable being creative, approaching you with new ideas, and maximizing the use of their skills.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Although many people value culture over salary, it will not matter if your company’s compensation package is not enough for them to take care of their families. A comprehensive compensation package should include:

  • A competitive salary
  • Health benefits
  • Perks such as a flexible work schedule and access to services that promote your physical, emotional, and mental well-being (e.g., gym membership or counseling)

Play to the Strengths of Employees

When hiring an employee, you may have an idea of where they fit in your company. However, once they’ve joined the team, it seems to go a bit differently. Increase employee retention by placing candidates into positions they have a strong skillset for and are passionate about. Happy employees will stay for the long haul.

Allow and Help Employees to Grow

Growing your business and employee growth both require the same thing – continuous improvement. Provide constructive feedback to your team along with an alternative solution or a way to move forward. Maintain an attitude that mistakes are okay, and that is how we learn from them and move forward that makes the difference.

Ready to Find the Perfect Candidate to Grow with Your Company?

Finding the perfect hire for your ag business takes time and resources. You have a million tasks on your plate. Let Morris Bixby handle the hiring process for you. As a leading ag recruiter in the nation, our staffing specialists understand the challenges that agriculture companies face when hiring new employees. We will take the time to understand your personnel needs and present you with the highest quality agricultural candidates. Contact us today to get started!


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