How to Fix a Broken Interview Process

For agriculture companies, the interview process is crucial in hiring because it is the stage where you get to know your candidates face-to-face (or over the phone or video chat). It is the final step before you take the leap and hire the applicant who seems to be the best fit for the open position. However, a broken interview process means you will miss out on great candidates. Follow these tips to make sure that your interview process is smooth and provides an accurate picture of each candidate so you can make intelligent decisions.

Review the Open Position

Make sure you know the ins and outs of the job you are hiring for. Double-check that the job description is accurate. Now is your chance to add in and take away job duties as needed. Before the interview process begins, ensure you are familiar with the position and how the successful candidate can grow within the company.

Know Your Candidates

Before each interview, take a few minutes to glance over the candidate’s resume so that you are better prepared. In addition to your standard questions, be sure to jot down specific questions to help you get clarification on concerns, as well as notes on what really impresses you about the candidate.

Warm and Welcoming

Treat candidates as if they have just walked into your home. Introduce yourself and offer a quick tour of the company. Ask interviewees if they would like a glass of water and make sure they know where the facilities are. These simple courtesies will instantly set candidates at ease and set the stage for a smooth interview.

Choose a Comfortable Setting

Choosing the physical location of the interview is crucial to keeping the candidate relaxed. It is advisable to hold interviews in the smallest room possible. For example, if a total of four people are attending an interview, a boardroom for 20 people is very intimidating. Instead, look for a space that is much smaller and more suitable.

Make the Proper Introductions

At the beginning of the interview, introduce each person attending and their position in the company. Next, outline the structure of the interview so that candidates know what to expect.

Stay on Track

Periodically refer to your notes to ensure you stay on track. Veering off can make the interview longer than it has to be, wasting both your time and the candidate’s. Also, it can leave your applicant confused and frustrated. After all, they are here to land a job, not talk about the latest cute thing your dog did.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Sometimes, yes or no questions are helpful, but open-ended questions are the most valuable. Give candidates a chance to talk freely. This will provide insight into their personality and how they will fit into the position and the company’s culture as a whole.

Hire the Best

This guide will help you make great strides in fixing a broken interview process. The world of agriculture is rapidly changing, and your recruiting strategy must change with it. Morris Bixby is a leader in ag recruiting. With our deep industry roots, we have the resources to find top-tier talent and bring them straight to your company’s doorstep. Let us know what you need, and let us do the rest! Contact us today to get started!


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