Soft Skills Needed as an Agriculture Executive

There’s no question that hard skills are crucial because they show employees have expertise in agriculture. However, it takes more than hard skills to be successful as an ag executive. It is the soft skills that set great candidates apart from good ones. The main reason is that unlike hard skills, soft skills are not easy to teach yet are essential to increasing productivity and efficiency on the job. Let’s take a look at the top soft skills needed as an agriculture executive.

Excellent Communication

Being able to relay and receive pertinent information accurately and promptly is one of the best soft skills an ag executive can possess. Savvy communication skills mean your new hire will be able to effectively work with their fellow team members and the company’s clients.

Ability to Manage Time

When hiring for an agriculture executive, it is vital that the successful applicant has the ability to manage their time well. This is an indication of someone who is organized and capable of prioritizing tasks. Someone who lacks time management will be all over the place, missing deadlines and lacking overall efficiency.

Creative Mind-Set

Ag executives must be able to continuously move the company forward. This means being creative and thinking outside of the box to innovate and solve problems. Your new hire will not be able to set the organization apart by thinking like everyone else. It will take a new perspective with new ideas!

Incredible Flexibility

The agriculture industry relies heavily on environmental elements. For instance, a row cropper may lose part of his crop due to drought, or this same drought may change the demand for certain products. Needless to say, it is an unpredictable field, and your new ag executive must understand this and have the ability to pivot their strategy, even if that means learning something new.


Look for dependable candidates. This means you will be able to rely on your new hire to meet set deadlines and be trustworthy to have the company’s best interest at heart.

A Balance of Teamwork and Leadership

Your ag executive will need to be able to lead their team with confidence and assertiveness. A team that respects its leader will be more productive. On the other hand, it takes a team to reach even the most minor goals. When hiring for this position, your goal is to find a candidate who is an effective leader while also being able to work well as a team.

Ready to Find Your Next Agriculture Executive?

The best agriculture executives possess these invaluable soft skills. Here at Morris Bixby, we understand the importance of finding the right executive who will keep morale high and take a proactive approach to lead your ag team. Our specialists will cast our wide net to find executives that will take your organization’s vision to the next level.

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