How to Become a Better Listener as an Executive

Agricultural executives play a large part in the success of your company. Hiring an executive who has excellent listening skills or is willing to become a better listener is crucial to propelling your organization forward continuously. These tips will help executives cultivate their listening skills.

Everyone Deserves Respect

Even though executives are at the top of the company ladder, this doesn’t mean they should disregard everyone else’s opinions. Colleagues and those holding lower-ranking positions often have great ideas and see things in a different light. Respect everyone’s potential and listen to their take on situations.

Be Open-Minded

Great things can happen when people think outside of the box. There is no doubt that executives have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. This can often lead to being close-minded. Instead, keep an open mind. Everyone’s brain works differently, and you never know what incredible solution another staff member may come up with.

Listen More Than You Talk

Executives are leaders by nature, meaning they are more likely to speak their minds. However, a lot can be gained by sitting back and letting others do the talking. Before you speak your mind, become a better listener by giving others in the room the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Avoid Criticisms

Those around you will quit vocalizing their ideas and solutions if they are constantly criticized. Executives are looked to for approval by their team members. So, it is crucial for executives not to judge or criticize the ideas of others harshly. If it isn’t feasible, explain so tactfully. For example, “That’s an excellent idea, but unfortunately, it isn’t feasible in this situation because of x, y, and z.”

Take Notes

Become a better listener by taking notes of everyone’s ideas in meetings. It can not only be hard to remember everything said but there may be times when you have to think about an idea before you know if it is a good one or not. It is a good idea for executives to have a notepad handy to write down ideas so that they can focus more on listening and less on trying to remember everything.

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