Top Agricultural Trends for 2022

The agriculture industry impacts many sectors of the economy both locally and internationally. Farmers, supermarkets, restaurants, and the public need to understand what is happening in the industry and how it may affect the production and distribution of food. The trends that are happening now will affect what happens in the coming years.

Discover five trends that will impact the agriculture industry in 2022.

Increased Access to Animal Vaccines

US officials face growing concern about the spread of preventable diseases in livestock. Keeping the animals healthy for as long as possible impacts the amount of money farmers bring in. This is why the officials are setting up a bank to have the desired 25 million vaccine does on hand to combat fibromuscular dysplasia disease (FMD).

Stronger Attraction of New Farmers

Most graduates of farming programs have a substantial amount of school debt. With current farmers having an average age of 60, many want to retire. US officials will continue to work to reduce the debt load from agricultural studies while bringing together new graduates and experienced farmers.

Greater Farming Income  

Small farmers, who support the majority of the agriculture industry, are expected to earn more money in the coming year. Because these farmers provide much of the most-desired food throughout the world, they need higher earnings to cover their bills. They also desire additional capital to invest in new equipment to grow and provide more food.

Wider Use of Technology

Farmers will continue to find new ways to use broadband internet and apps to monitor their crops. They also will use agricultural drones to deliver items when and where they are needed. The drones are easy to fly and respond well to changing weather conditions. They also provide highly localized weather predictions that help the farmers determine which crops should be planted or harvested at a given time. Graphene will be used to provide additional data about field and soil conditions in a certain area as well. This will help farmers and scientists work together to decide how best to use soils and breed plants with higher yields and longer life under challenging conditions.

Growing Emphasis on Food Safety

Farmers are increasingly aware of the potential for contamination as they work in the fields and as food is transported from one place to another. Any health concern, such as an E. coli outbreak, can lead to significant financial losses for farmers. These costs may continue to increase along with increasing agricultural regulations.

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