What Does Your Candidate Experience Look Like?

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Your candidate experience is the series of interactions a job seeker has with your company throughout your hiring process. These interactions include all communication that a candidate receives from your brand messaging, software systems, or employees. You want each of these interactions to be as positive as possible so that the candidates want to work for you. The more clearly, honestly, and consistently you interact throughout your hiring process, the more likely the best talent will join your team. This results in increased brand awareness and a greater quality of hire.

Implement these tips to improve your candidate experience and hire the best agricultural talent.

Write Effective Job Postings

Clarify the information that job seekers need to know before applying to your job opening. For instance, determine the top skills a candidate needs to be successful. Use this information to come up with the job title and responsibilities to fit the skills. Also, write clear job descriptions using simple language. Include no more than your top 5 must-have requirements to increase your number of applicants. Bullet point your most important information first. Include action verbs and short sentences.

Simplify Your Application Process

The faster and easier your application process, the more applicants you should receive. For instance, make your careers page easy to find and navigate. Include clear application instructions that let candidates upload their resumes or provide their LinkedIn profiles. Also, keep your application process short and mobile-friendly. Limit the number of questions to uncover the information you truly need to know. Additionally, include a confirmation email after a candidate submits their application.

Follow Up Regularly

Keep your applicants informed about where they are in the hiring process and what the next steps are. For instance, send an interview invite or rejection email within 2 days of receiving an application. This shows you value your applicants’ time. Also, respond to thank-you and follow-up notes during your interview process. Additionally, talk on the phone with the applicants you would like to take a test or complete an assignment. Clearly explain the directions and timeline for completion. Answer any questions that may come up. Thank your applicants for their time and effort. Plus, talk about what to expect during interviews. Include who the interviewers are, how long the discussion should take, the format you will use, what the dress code is, where to park, and how to enter the building.

Structure Your Interviews

Prepare for each interview well in advance. For instance, review the candidate’s information and have questions written down. Also, begin the conversation with small talk before getting into questions related to the position. Additionally, ask follow-up questions and take notes during the discussion. Plus, let candidates know as soon as possible whether you are keeping their information on file or want to extend a job offer. When you officially have a new hire, begin talking about your process for onboarding and training.

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