Red Flags an Employee Is About to Resign


As a manager, you know the costs of hiring are high. This is why you do what you can to retain your employees for as long as possible. Of course, you cannot always know when a team member plans to quit. However, many will show signs when they are thinking of leaving. Paying attention to these red flags can facilitate conversations that encourage your employees to stay.

Discover some of the top signs an employee may be quitting soon and where you can get help with hiring.

Declining Work Performance

Your employee may start being absent from work, coming in late, or leaving early. They could be unmotivated, distracted, or unresponsive to in-office communications. Or, your team member could be less receptive to feedback, refuse to commit to long-term projects, or be uninterested in promotions. This can result in missing deadlines or submitting low-quality work. These are signs that your employee may be tired of their routine tasks or disengaged from their work.

Dressing Up

An employee who typically wears casual clothing may start coming to the office in professional attire. They also may have increased their presence on LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. This may be because the team member is reaching out to hiring managers or participating in job interviews during the workday.

Personality Change

A typically happy employee may start complaining about their coworkers, the work environment, or your company. Or, they might start gossiping about coworkers and spreading negativity. Your team member may be frustrated with their job or trying to upset the culture because they plan to leave soon.


A normally social employee may begin keeping to themselves. Or, they could start taking personal calls during work hours and finding areas for private conversations. Your team member could be talking either with hiring managers or friends who know of job openings in their field.

Major Life Events

Marriage, divorce, the addition of a child to the family, the death of a loved one, or sudden illness can impact an employee’s longevity with your company. The effects that the event has on your team member’s state of mind can influence them to look for a job elsewhere.

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