Can Offering Flexible Schedules Help You Land Better Employees?

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Flexible schedules are among the most in-demand employee perks. Companies that offer flexible schedules tend to have high employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Offering flexible schedules promotes work-life balance. This helps parents, caregivers, people with medical issues or disabilities, and other types of employees fit in work around their personal needs.

Filling your roles with the best talent increases employee performance, morale, and retention. This benefits your bottom line.

Discover how having flexible schedules helps you land better employees.

  • Increased Candidate Attraction

The July 2022 Future Forum Pulse Summer Snapshot showed that 94% of respondents wanted flexibility when they work. Flexibility ranked second to compensation in terms of job satisfaction.

These results show that flexible schedules are important to job seekers. Offering flexible schedules encourages candidates to apply for your open roles.

  • Broader Candidate Pools

Providing flexible schedules makes your company more attractive to job seekers. This provides access to the best talent.

Having diverse candidates apply for your positions enhances your candidate pools. The greater your candidate pools, the more hiring options you have.

  • Higher Productivity

The ability to work according to individual productivity rhythms lets employees accomplish more in less time. Increasing efficiency leads to greater productivity.

For instance, some employees are better able to focus on details and think creatively during the early morning hours. These employees are not interrupted by emails and instant messages. Other employees may be more productive during the late-night hours. These employees have fewer distractions and enjoy working from home.

  • Greater Job Satisfaction

Flexible schedules let employees begin and end work at convenient times. They can avoid rush hour when commuting to and from the office.

Arriving at or leaving the office outside of rush hour decreases stress. Lower stress levels help employees remain focused and solve problems. This promotes job satisfaction.

  • Stronger Retention

Companies that offer flexible schedules have greater trust among their employees. The employees know they are valued team members and perform accordingly.

Employees who feel respected at work typically remain with the company long-term. This increases retention rates.

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