How to Encourage Good Attendance On Your Team

Good attendance involves closely following your company’s attendance policy. This includes being at work on time and staying productive throughout the day, appropriately calling in sick, or properly taking a personal day.

As a manager, you can model good attendance for your team by starting work on time and reaching your objectives throughout the day. These activities encourage your team to enhance their time management skills.

Good attendance promotes productivity and efficiency in meeting deadlines. It also helps develop trust, respect, and collaboration among your team.

Employees who practice good attendance have strong planning, organization, and time management skills. These team members also excel in prioritization, communication, and leadership. These qualities support career advancement within your organization.

Displaying good attendance shows that your employees are professionals who value their roles. These team members can be relied on to complete additional tasks and projects.

Good attendance on your team lets your employees help resolve unexpected issues. This helps lower stress levels while solving problems.

Follow these guidelines to encourage good attendance on your team:

Emphasize the Importance of Good Attendance

Regularly talk with your team about the benefits of effective time management at work. Help your employees understand how being on time and staying productive throughout the day help provide value to the team and organization.

Encourage your team to ask questions and provide feedback about your company’s attendance policy. Clearly answer all questions. Implement the feedback when possible.

Offer Incentives for Good Attendance

Provide rewards for your team members who practice good attendance. These incentives may include gift cards, additional paid time off, or monetary rewards. Using a reward system provides motivation to show up for work on time and stay engaged throughout the day.

Develop Attendance Improvement Plans

Privately talk with a team member who does not practice good attendance. Find out what is impacting their ability to be at work on time and remain productive throughout the day.

Work with your team member to create an attendance improvement plan. Include specific goals, steps, deadlines, measurements of success, and consequences for not reaching objectives.

Set a time to follow up with your team member. Talk about their progress and results. Clarify what the next steps should be based on your employee’s performance.

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