Are You Prepared to Make a Career Change?

Starting a new job is often considered among the top ten stressful life-changing events. When you decide to make a career change you are taking a chance. Here at Morris Bixby, we can help guide you through and prepare you for the risks that you may face.

Have you done your research?

Will the company culture and managers be a good fit for you? Look into the company you are applying to carefully. If you are changing industries completely, make sure you are educated on the new avenue you want to pursue. Talk to others in the field or seek out education ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Are you prepared for a transition period?

There will always be a learning curve when you start a new position. Be intentional about learning all you need to do the job well. Go in with an open mind and find someone that can mentor you. Leaving a job that is comfortable for something new is hard and often times comes with a time of adjustment. Be ready to be flexible and willing to learn.

Have you considered the logistics?

There are several aspects of a job change to consider carefully. Consider how these things will affect you carefully before making a decision.

  • Location
  • Transportation/commute
  • Remote/onsite
  • Insurance/retirement
  • Length of workday/weekends
  • Travel
  • Flexibility of time off/schedule
  • What does a day at the job look like

Have you considered the income/lifestyle?

Know what you want for salary and what you are willing to accept. If you are willing to take a decrease in income for more job satisfaction, what would that need to look like for you? Changing industries can require you to start over and you will need to gain experience over time in order move up on the pay scale.

Are you prepared to take a risk and is it the right time?

While the level of risk may vary for each job, or industry change. Evaluate where you are in your career and decide if it’s a good time to make a change. If you are early in your career, it can give you new challenges and experience and can lead to promotions or movement upward in the company.

Consider your motivation for making a change?

When you make a career move you face varying levels of challenge and rewards. Consider ahead of time what you hope to gain by this change. You risk wasting your time and those involved in hiring you if expectations are not managed on both sides. Use the following criteria to evaluate if a role is a better opportunity for you:

  • Qualifications
  • Enjoyment/work life balance
  • Challenge/continuing education
  • Environment
  • Salary/benefits
  • Advancement

Make sure you are aware of the risks that come with making a career change so that you can be prepared. Morris Bixby Group can help you find your next great position. Learn more today!


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