How To Motivate A Bored Team

In most cases, employees will not come to you and tell you when they are feeling bored and unmotivated at work. Rather than sounding negative or coming across as lazy, good employees who feel uninspired will press on until it becomes too much to bear, at which time they will begin looking for a new job. If you’re noticing signs of boredom from your team like distractedness, lack of focus or poor attention to detail among employees who are typically on point, it’s time to take action.

Here are strategies you can use to motivate a bored team and make them feel more engaged and inspired.

Talk You Team Members

If you suspect someone is feeling bored, don’t ignore it. Sit down with them and ask them directly if they are bored or unchallenged, and find out what you can do to help them. Your employees are often the best source of creative ideas for fixing problems, and they will be happy that you noticed their struggle. Taking an interest in their feelings will also make them feel as though you value them.

Reallocate Tasks

Don’t dump boring tasks on employees who never complain. They shouldn’t be punished because they aren’t a squeaky wheel. Try to spread the most mundane tasks out across the team so that boring tasks are allocated fairly.

Give Talented People More Responsibility

If you have talented people who aren’t being challenged – challenge them. You want to get the most out of your top performers and when they feel bored, it’s a good time to bestow new responsibilities upon them.  Ask them what they’d like to be doing, and whenever possible, connect them with opportunities that align with their goals.

Automate Mundane Tasks

Thanks to technology, mundane tasks can be easily automated. Assess which repetitive or mundane tasks could be effectively automated and invest in technology to facilitate the shift. It might cost more upfront, but the ROI of using talented people for more strategic tasks will pay off in spades for the organization and will energize the team.

Focus on Fun

If there isn’t anything you can do to eliminate or reduce boring tasks, think about energizing your work environment to make it feel more fun. Hold competitions and make the prizes worth fighting for like bonuses or extra time off.  Say thank you by catering lunches or hosting ice cream socials, allow dress-down Fridays, have “fun days” like office chili cookoffs, potlucks, or barbecues prepared by management, and encourage camaraderie and laughing by fostering a more relaxed atmosphere.

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