How to Focus on the Positive to Be Successful

In any workplace, negative attitudes can spread like wildfire. Once complaining starts, it can seem impossible to reel everyone back in and get them into a positive frame of mind. However, employees who have a positive attitude are more confident in their abilities and are more productive. If you’re ready to nip negativity in the bud, here are strategies you can use to instill positive attitudes into your employees.

Set a Good Example

As a leader, you are on stage from the moment you step through the front door to the moment you leave in the evening. Whether you know it or not, your employees see everything you do, hear every word you say, and mimic the attitudes and approaches you take. The best way to spread positivity is to be positive yourself, encourage others and support them through struggles, and never let them hear you complain.

Acknowledge When Things Go Wrong

Being positive doesn’t mean sweeping problems under the rug. When the team experiences a challenge or setback, acknowledge it and gather the team to deconstruct it. Where did things start to go wrong? What could have been done to prevent it? Help everyone learn lessons from a setback and use those lessons to lay the foundation for more successful outcomes in the future. By showing your team it’s ok to fail as long as they learn from mistakes and take proactive steps for the future, they will feel more positive about their jobs.

Establish a Mentoring Program

Mentoring programs are highly beneficial for organizations looking for ways to foster positivity and develop talent internally. A mentor can help mentees successfully navigate the challenges they experience, develop new skills and act as a positive role model. The key to making a mentoring program work, however, lies in choosing the right people and making strategic matches. Make sure every mentor demonstrates a positive attitude and truly has something they can teach their mentee.

Say Thank You

Lack of appreciation is one of the biggest reasons good employees leave their jobs, and it is a major contributing factor to anger and resentment. Saying thank you to your team members and recognizing when people go above and beyond will generate feelings of positivity.

Are You Looking for Positive Talent?

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