How To Make Your Hiring Process More Engaging

Most employers understand how important employee engagement is to retention. However, those same employers often neglect to prioritize candidate engagement and its importance in the recruitment process. According to data from Gallup, engaged candidates are more productive when hired leading to a 10% boost in customer ratings, a 20% increase in sales and 21% greater profitability.

It’s easy to assume that candidates need you more than you need them, but that’s not the case. Talented candidates are in high demand and if your company is not keeping those people engaged throughout the hiring process, you will likely lose them to a competitor.

Review Applications As They Come In

Many companies wait to review each applicant until the close date on the job posting. However, applicants who are reviewed ASAP and scheduled for interviews are more likely to be engaged in the process. If you leave talented applicants waiting and wondering if you even received their information, they will quickly lose interest. Try to review applications every single day and get in touch with qualified candidates immediately.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Nothing frustrates a candidate more than lack of communication. You should regularly check in with candidates throughout the process to let them know how things are progressing and update them on any timeline changes. Struggling to pin down a stakeholder for an interview? Let the candidate know. Taking a while to conduct reference checks? Loop the candidate in. If they simply do not hear from you, they will assume you’ve chosen another candidate and move on.

Respect Their Time 

Candidates who are currently employed will have to take time off work to interview with you. Even if they are not taking off work, their time is still valuable. Making candidates wait around long after the interview’s start time is incredibly frustrating and can derail their entire day. Candidates are expected to be early for interviews but hiring managers and decision-makers often leave them hanging. Lateness shows a lack of respect for their time, and if you will lose candidates to an employer that was prompt.

Ask For Feedback 

Collecting feedback is an effective way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your hiring process. Feedback serves several purposes. First, it provides data you can use to continually improve. Asking strong candidates who you couldn’t hire for their opinion on their experience will let each candidate know their opinion is valued – and you can stay in touch for future opportunities down the road. Finally, for candidates you do end up hiring, their feedback can be used to keep them engaged before their start date.

Looking For More Ways To Improve Candidate Experience? 

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