Employee Appreciation Ideas You Can Try Today

Your employees are your number one asset, and they want to know that their hard work is appreciated. It’s easy to forget to say thank you or recognize achievement, but it’s also easy to take a little time to reward your team for all they do – without breaking the budget.

Thirty Easy Employee Appreciation Ideas

If you are ready to show your employees that you value their contributions, here are thirty easy-to-implement ideas you can start today.

  1. Take time at the end of every team meeting to recognize small accomplishments.
  2. Recognize big wins or achievements in company-wide meetings.
  3. Start an Employee of the Month program and allow employees to nominate coworkers.
  4. Give everyone gift cards to a local coffee shop or restaurant. Even $10 can say a lot.
  5. Bring in breakfast on a Friday morning just to say “thanks.”
  6. Plan a company chili cook-off or bake-off.
  7. Bring in a food truck or ice cream truck (and you foot the bill).
  8. Have an old-fashioned pizza party.
  9. Bring in masseuses for chair massages.
  10. Have an employee appreciation program —a system that rewards points that people can cash in for small rewards, like leaving early.
  11. Give out non-traditional awards (make sure everyone gets one) like: Best joke teller, Best candy jar, Best brainstorm buddy, etc.
  12. Let everyone have their birthday off (or the closest weekday for weekend birthdays).
  13. Give everyone on your team a small allowance for some workspace upgrades.
  14. Give everyone a sweatshirt or t-shirt with the company logo on it.
  15. Take new employees out to lunch on their first day, or the Friday of their first week.
  16. Let everyone leave early the day before a holiday.
  17. Implement “Summer Hours” that allow employees to work an eight-hour shift on Fridays.
  18. Start a suggestion program about how to improve your office.
  19. Treat everyone to a fun activity like bowling.
  20. Host an employee appreciation picnic and allow employees to invite their families.
  21. Extend holiday party invitations to employees’ spouses.
  22. Celebrate when employees achieve big milestones, like marriage, the birth of a child, a new home, etc.
  23. Celebrate birthdays.
  24. Allow employees to have flexible schedules.
  25. Offer work-from-home days.
  26. Develop a flexible family leave plan to show you value your employees’ personal lives.
  27. Plan company happy hours or dinners.
  28. Work with employees on growth plans, so they know where they’re going in the company.
  29. Ask your employees what they actually want.
  30. Say thank you when someone goes above and beyond. Two words go a long way.

Looking For More Advice On Building Your Team?

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