Does Your Onboarding Process Work?

Good employees are hard to find in the agriculture industry– but they can be even harder to keep. It takes a lot of time and money to recruit top talent, and the vast majority of employees who leave within the first year do so before six months. One of the keys to boosting retention is to have a thorough onboarding process. Use these tips to strategize ways to improve your onboarding process so that your new employees are set up for success on day one.

Be Welcoming On The First Day

The first day of a new job is a scary time. Start a new employee’s day off right by welcoming them at the front desk. A sign that says “Welcome [Name]!” is also a nice touch.

Be sure the employee’s workstation is set up and ready to go and the new employee has access to all of the software he or she will need. It can be a nice touch to give them a coffee mug with the company logo on it or a welcome card signed by their new team.

Also, make sure their first day is structured as much as possible so they aren’t wondering what to do next, and invite the new employee to lunch.

Connect Them To The Big Picture

The first day often includes an orientation program about the company itself, but it is important to include role-specific orientation, as well. Include a segment that helps connect the person’s new job to the greater company mission and goals. People want to know that their work has meaning, so show them from day one why their contributions matter.

Provide Them With Goals For Their First 90 Days

Setting goals and communicating expectations are important for success. Clearly stated goals allow you – and the new employee – to monitor progress. Put goals in writing for the first week, month, 60 days and 90 days. Schedule regular check-ins to see how things are going and allow the employee to clarify any aspect of the role that might not be clear to them. Provide training and support as soon as you identify areas for improvement.

Remember: Orientation Isn’t Onboarding

Many people believe “orientation” and “onboarding” are synonymous. They are not. Don’t simply bombard a new employee with information about the company and job and then expect them to hit the ground running. Onboarding is a continuous and ongoing process that should include formal training sessions on processes, policies, culture and the “how-to’s” of the role. Formal training shows that you take their success seriously, and gives employees the tools to do their jobs well from the beginning.

Ready To Boost Retention?

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