Effective Ways to Overcome the Current Labor Shortage

The current labor shortage partly is due to a higher-than-average number of employees quitting their jobs. Many of these employees are retiring, taking roles elsewhere, or joining the gig economy. As a result, a significant number of jobs remain unfilled.

Therefore, company leaders must find effective ways to overcome the talent shortage.

Implement these tips to overcome the current labor shortage.

Improve Your Benefits

In addition to attractive compensation, provide your employees with competitive benefits. Beyond health insurance, a retirement plan with a company match, and paid time off, offer on-the-job training, overtime, and professional development opportunities. Showing that you value your employees encourages longevity within your organization.

Provide Flexibility

Offer your employees flexible schedules. For instance, consider each employee’s preferred work hours, the desired number of hours to work each week, and other factors that impact job satisfaction. Then, schedule your employees accordingly as much as possible.

Implement processes for approving employee requests for time off and handling emergency and non-emergency scheduling conflicts. Showing that you support work-life balance enhances your culture and encourages long-term employment.

Offer Internships

Partner with local after-school programs, high schools, tech schools, colleges, universities, community organizations, and other grassroots initiatives to create internships. Consider offering free skill-building and training workshops for individuals who want to pursue careers with your company.

Modify Your Hiring Process

Update your hiring process to increase your desired results:

  • Ensure your job descriptions are engaging, reflect your company’s culture, and detail what you have to offer that your competitors do not.
  • Incentivize employee referrals.
  • Offer a sign-on bonus for taking a job and remaining for a set time.
  • Diversify the online locations where you post your job openings.
  • Advertise your entry-level jobs at local schools and community centers.
  • Work with a staffing agency that specializes in your industry.

Automate Tasks

Use automation to handle administrative tasks. The fewer non-revenue-producing tasks your employees have to complete, the more time they have to handle higher-level activities. Engaging in activities they are passionate about increases productivity, job satisfaction, and employee attraction and retention rates.

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