Efficient Strategies for Avoiding Hiring Delays in Your Business

It continues to be a candidate’s market, and focusing on reducing your time-to-hire process is essential. According to Harver, only 30% of companies can fill a role within 30 days, and 57% of job seekers lose interest if the hiring process takes too long. The remaining take anywhere between 1-4 months to make a hire!

Harver points out that when looking at your time to hire, you should start by collecting the correct data.  The following list below gives you a starting point to consider.

  1. How long does it currently take you to fill a role?
  2. The time it takes for the candidate to move between the stages
  3. How your time-to-hire compares with the standard time in your industry
  4. The number of calendar days from the final selection to making the job offer
  5. The ratio of good to poor applications you typically get

Your goal should be to find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Have an efficient way to monitor/track applicants, whether through software or another method.
  • Keep your application process upfront, straightforward, and easy.
  • Prioritize job descriptions in a concise manner that will attract the best candidates for the job initially.
  • Respond immediately to applicants when they apply, updating them with the process and any needed feedback.
  • Keep your interview process consistent and efficient.

This article on Simplicant states, “Slow hiring processes aren’t always about a huge number of applicants or highly selective criteria.  Sometimes, the issue comes down to good old-fashioned corporate inefficiency.  In many cases, your company may not have the time or resources to devote to a new hire recruitment.” It mentions five reasons you have a slow hiring process and what you can do to improve.

  1. Narrowly defined needs – Streamline your applicant review process.
  2. Larger candidate pools – Organize your review process and eliminate candidates as you go.
  3. Inefficient interviewing – Pre-plan your interviews
  4. Improper position breakdown by HR – Have clear position information with concise definitions.
  5. Lack of decision-making – Set realistic expectations.

Avoiding hiring delays will be a benefit to everyone involved in the process. Morris Bixby Group can help you. Learn more today!


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