How to Overcome the Great Resignation in the Agriculture Industry


As with most industries, massive numbers of agricultural employees are quitting their jobs. The Great Resignation has a record number of workers looking for better opportunities. Fortunately, you can reduce the number of team members you lose by talking with them before they go. Uncovering your employees’ main reasons for leaving can help you make changes that encourage them to stay.

Follow these guidelines to increase retention of your agricultural employees during the Great Resignation.

Talk with Your Team Members

Get the root of the problem that is encouraging your employees to leave. This is much more effective than offering a bonus or raise to stay. Providing a pay increase tends to feel more like a business transaction than a sign of appreciation.

Building relational ties with your team members shows that meeting their needs is important to you. They want personal interactions with you and their coworkers, a renewed sense of purpose in their work, and a feeling of shared identity. More than additional pay and benefits, your employees desire to feel valued and respected by your company.

Focus more time on talking with and supporting your employees. Show that you care about their struggles and want to help. Providing empathy, compassion, connectivity, flexibility, and resources for support can help your team feel valued and respected. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Offer Remote or Hybrid Roles

Gain access to a wider candidate pool by offering remote or hybrid work. The majority of employees willing to leave their jobs want to work remotely. Since many enjoy where they live, they do not want to relocate. This may include job seekers with hard-to-find skills. You should have more candidates to choose from to replace the employees who left.

Increase Flexibility

Provide support for better work-life integration to attract more women to your company. A significant number of women have been changing jobs or leaving the workforce to provide care for their children. By offering paid leave, increased support for elder care, a flexible schedule, a condensed work week, or the ability to work from home, more women should want to work for your organization.

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