How Can You Hire the Right Candidate?

The war for talent in today’s tight agriculture market is fierce. Companies need sales and marketing talent with specialized skills, but it is difficult to locate and recruit that talent. A niche recruiting partner in the ag industry can help bridge your talent gap by efficiently and accurately connecting you with the talent you need.

Specialized Knowledge for Specialized Recruiting

Hiring in the ag industry is nothing like it was ten years ago or even five years ago. The market is always changing and there are new challenges, technologies and pressures emerging all the time that can impact an organization’s ability to hire top talent. A skilled recruiting partner that specializes in the agriculture industry can help you navigate the pace of change and allow your internal team to focus on more strategic matters. Your recruiter will take on the responsibility of locating talent, recruiting them and vetting them, allowing you to choose only from the top-tier of well-matched candidates who have the specialized skills and knowledge required for success.

A Passive Talent Pipeline

Many hiring managers think of building a passive talent pipeline as something that would be nice to do, if only they could find the time. However, now that unemployment is at an all-time low, nearly every talented person in the ag industry who wants a job, has a job. Companies that haven’t taken the time to build a passive pipeline now find themselves struggling to hire great people.

Specialized ag recruiters have a pipeline of passive talent in the market built into their services. They spend time building relationships with great people in the market, and they know what those candidates are looking for in a potential new employer. A strategic recruiting partnership allows you to instantly tap into a network of passive candidates and find great matches, not just available hires.

A Focus on Cultural Alignment

Hard skills are important for any new hire, but cultural alignment with the organization is equally important for success. If you hope to retain great people, it is necessary to ensure the people you hire will thrive in your work environment. However, cultural alignment can be difficult to assess, and many hiring teams are so focused on skill matches they overlook culture fit, personality and soft skill matches.

A specialized ag recruiting partner will get to know your organizational culture and help you determine the personality traits and other attributes that will contribute to a new hire’s success. Once your recruiting partner has a feel for your company culture, they can achieve that match quickly and accurately.

Are You Ready to Start Hiring the Best Ag Talent?

If you are looking for top sales and marketing talent for your ag business, contact the expert recruiters at Morris Bixby today. Our process is streamlined, accurate and efficient to ensure you access the exact people you need, when you need them.


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